Software consulting built to fit your needs and your budget.
Software consulting built to fit your needs and your budget.


Clinic Dev is a full-stack software consultancy offering front and back-end development teams across a number of technology platforms. We can spin up fully staffed project teams, augment your existing team, or consult on any step of a project’s development lifetime.

Our Agile planning and development processes will present you with real and ongoing deliverables immediately, allowing you to make smarter decisions about your software needs, and enabling you and your team to drive the development where it needs to go to measurably benefit your business.

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Online reservations platform commissioned for a Michelin-starred restaurant group

The Momofuku team came to us with a long list of requirements to build a solution to replace their aging custom reservations platform. The system had to support their 8 restaurants across 3 countries, all with distinct needs for scheduling, table assignments, meal-types, and pre-payment options. We built a customized back and front-end reservations management platform that could be scaled up and modified on the fly by management or the individual restaurants. We were able to automate the scaling of resources to deal with the traffic explosions that came with new restaurant launches, a problem that had plagued the old system. The stripped-down user-facing workflow made it easier than ever for guests to book reservations when and where they wanted, and the look and feel was later adopted by a number of other applications in the restaurant space.


Patient information management platform for tracking patient wellness and other statistics

A large rehabilitation group came to us with a need to track all data for a wellness program that they were implementing across dozens of centers in multiple states. Hundreds of users track data for thousands of patients every day both locally and remotely. Patient confidentiality is paramount, so data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and tiered access with limited data visibility prevents unauthorized data exposure.


Information Management System for Literary Scouting Agencies

We built and maintain a database used by many of the largest Literary Scouting Agencies in the world to track titles and their rights throughout the lifecycle of a work. It started as a single migration of an aging Filemaker database, and evolved into a full-featured, flexible, and customizable database for tracking a myriad of data on Titles, Authors, Agencies, Publishers, and more. It offers a reporting harness which allows for complex PDF reports to be built, organized, exported, and automated. We worked through and resolved resource scaling issues that occur when multiple agents are running giant reports from all over the world during Book Fairs. To date we have customized 8 instances across 3 versions of the app, and we continue to update, iterate, and improve upon them for our clients.


Website and Case Database for advertising excellence non-profit

We manage the web presence for this international non-profit organization which tracks and awards excellence in advertising worldwide. This was another inherited codebase, and one that we worked tirelessly to update for the first stretch of our engagement, starting with re-building the data schema and asset references. We were able to chip away at technical debt while deploying updated features that allowed for better tracking of user engagement and subscription sales. In addition, we have fully revamped the subscription models and payment gateway to modernize their buy-path and streamline sales.



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